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Find out the number of words in your WordPress sites and posts. Have power over your contents, translation costs, etc.

Word Count Wizard Screens for Wordpress

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Word Count Wizard, Wordpress' plugin
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How many words does my blog have?
How many articles / words does the writer publish each month?

How many words does a Wordpress have in total?

When asking for a web translation, many clients finally understand that translators and agencies need to know the number of words in their Wordpress to be able to calculate the price...

How do I know how many words a WP has? How do I know the cost of translating a WP?

What's the number of words and posts of every writer?

To handle blogs where different collaborators write, it is very important to control how many posts each collaborator writes, publication date, number of words of each post, etc.

How do I know how many posts each collaborator writes? How do I find out the number of words in each post, etc.?

WP Word Count Wizard.
Count and analyze all the words in your Wordpress


Published content statistics

Global statistics of all the published and visible content of the Wordpress:

  • Total of words of all the posts
  • Total of posts
  • Total of words in all pages
  • Total of pages
And now, statistics of draft content: Total amount of words in unpublished posts and pages.


Detailed information of the number of words

Detailed information of the number of words in each post. Word Count Wizard shows the exact number of words of each post and each page in Wordpress, whether published or in a draft.

Besides, Word Count Wizard shows the publication date, writer and the category of each post / Wordpress page.


Exportación a Excel

Summary pane of the published content:

  • Total of published posts
  • Total published pages
  • Total of words in published posts
And now, draft content: total of posts, pages and words that haven’t been published yet (in draft)

Download now Word Count Wizard
and take control of your Wordpress' words

Completely free functions

  • Total amount of drafts and published posts and pages.
  • Detailed information of the words in every post / page.
  • Detailed information of the date, write and category of every post / page.

Installation step by step

  1. Enter the Administration panel in your Wordpress
  2. Press on “Plugins” > “Add New”
  3. Look in the list for “Word Count Wizard” or press “Upload New”

Are you a professional translator or writer?
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Premium functions

  • Download an editable .csv with all the information
    • Filter by date to know the total amount of words published in 2017
    • Filter by writer to know how mnay words someone has published
    • Calculate the total average of words/post or words/writer.
  • .

Request a Pro license

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  3. Tell us if you're interested in writing a post in your blog
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